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Dr Ben Johnson, MD (Osmosis Pur Medical Skin Care and Harmonized Water)

Life demands a lot of you. Give your body what it needs.

ELEVATE: ATP & DNA Repair dietary supplement:

Size: 120 capsules $70.00

When ATP levels increase within your cells universal wellness benefits occur. The benefits are:

  • Increase Energy
  • Burn Fat and Celluite
  • Enhance Athletic Endurance
  • Improve Mental Clarity
  • Repair DNA
  • Boost Immune Function
  • Reduce Cancer & Disease Risk
  • Improve Skin Function
  • Repair DNA Sun Damage

There is more information on the Osmosis website – www.osmosisskincare.com

RESTORE- For Aging Body & Skin – Immune Restoration is Possible

IMPROVE your body’s immune function and repair process internally  and topically to dramatically slow every aspect of aging while helping to prevent the progression of disease and inflammation.

Restore Internal $100.00

Sublingual drops correct inflammation and damage in every organ and cell in the body. It reduces the impact of most viral infections, controls yeast, fungus, bacteria and corrects abnormal immune activity. Resore internal heals protein oxidation resulting in a reduced rate of aging promoting a return to complete wellness.

Restore Topical $100.00

Target your skin directly to correct existing areas of inflammation and pigmentation. Restore Topical works to heal the damaged skin cells that signal the melanocyte to over produce pigmentation. Once the cell is healed it allows the melanocyte to produce normal amounts of protective melanin. Results diminish the appearance of most melasma, making the cells more resilient and strengthening the skin.

There is more information on the Osmosis website – www.osmosisskincare.com


There is growing recognition in the scientific community that the body is better described as a hologram than “matter”. These revelations have empowered energy medicine advocates and give credence to existing energetic strategies like acupuncture, homeopathy, and other researched medicinal practices. Harmonized Water works by communicating medicinal vibrational messages to the body.

Harmonized Water can improve your life and health in many ways. Certain scalar waves can affect fungal overgrowth in the body, others enhance hormone activity, reduce the effect of toxin exposure and cancel out UVA and UVB. However, the majority of scalar waves are meant to harmonize your cells in order to restore physiologic balance.

The Right Water for You: $30.00

Anti-Pathogen, Breath, Cramp-Free, Digestive Haelth, Energize Me, Environmental Protection, Focus, Hangover, Hormone Balance, Joint Health, Neutralize, Organ Protection, Rejuvenate Mind & Body, Relax, UV Protection, Vigor, Womens, Hair & Nails.

NEW: Inner Harmony Harmonized Water $50.00

Restore Your Inner Harmony:

This unique combination of frequencies comes from 6 years of comsumer testing telling us that each frequency has a specific and positive role in restoring balance and health to the bodyy. By presenting these multiple frequencies to the body all at the same time we create a holistic approach to Inner Harmony from head to toe.

Inner Harmony is a combination of Anti-Pathogen, Joint Health, Digestive Health, Cramp free, Environmental Protection, Breathe, Neutralize, Organ Protection, focus, Uplifting and Rejuvenate Mind & Body.

Improvement with:

  • Acne
  • Digestive problems
  • Energy
  • HGH anti-aging effects
  • Environmental detox
  • Ovary health
  • Hormone production
  • Organ health
  • Atherosclerosis and other vascular inflammation concerns
  • Focus
  • Sense of well being
  • Allergies
  • Altitude sickness
  • Acid reflux
  • Reduce lactic acid build-up from exercise
  • Menstrual cycle irregularities and pain
  • Protection and restoration of joint damage

There is more information on the Osmosis website – www.osmosisskincare.com




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